About ZOI Solar

About ZOI Solar

ZOI Solar designs and builds our solar panels in America to fit the specific needs of our clients whether they be residential homes, community schools, churches, businesses, large-scale utility or agricultural projects.

In 2002, ZOI Group completed its first photovoltaic solar array, a 450- kilowatt crystalline system located in Los Angeles, California. Since then we have installed over fifty megawatts of systems in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Boston, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Hawaii, Japan, Guam, and Canada.

While building solar arrays is at the heart of what we do, ZOI is more than just a solar panel installer. We believe that solar technology is the engine that will drive a cleaner, energy efficient modern world. That renewable solar technology can provide power to everyone’s home, everyone’s place of work and help grow the products that everyone needs.

Our solar projects offer our clients a completely integrated approach to solving their energy needs. We increase the efficiency of their investment by marrying our state of the art solar panels with other modern technologies to create the most energy efficient and energy renewable buildings and infrastructures. Whether commercial or residential, this can encompass roof improvement, HVAC units, LED lighting, water management, windows and domestic appliances.

Our Vision

We believe our world will rely on clean energy generation systems to power our life and our economy. We are taking the steps now to help build a bright future with solar solutions.

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Our Mission

We are ZOI Solar. We believe in a brighter future, a future powered by sustainable energy.

We're on a mission to create positive progress for people and the planet. We are for inspiring change, big and small. For thinking globally, and acting locally, because the journey to a brighter future, begins at home.

We're committed to delivering a cleaner, greener, affordable energy alternative and making it available to everyone. It all starts with helping people take back control of where their energy comes from.

More than a chance to save money, it's the chance to choose a future that's better for all of us. We are driven by the knowledge that a better future is possible. Together, we can make it a reality.

We Power Life. We are ZOI Solar.

Meaning of "ZOI"

The Greek meaning of the word "ZOI" is life. It was adopted in early times coming from the root word "EVE" and used by early Christians. Today, the name is commonly used in both Greek and English languages. We firmly believe that through the sun and its energy, we have the opportunity to power life into the next generation.

Solar Awards & Affiliations

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