How Solar Energy Works

How Solar Energy WorksIf we are to stand a chance at saving the environment, the time to act is now. Every day, more and more pollution from fossil fuel emissions negatively impact our planet in several ways.

One thing you can do in efforts to become more eco-friendly is to convert to clean, renewable solar energy for your home and office. Choosing to use this alternative source of energy will reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. If enough people convert to solar energy, the positive impact on the planet will be enormous.

Explaining How Solar Energy Can Be Tapped for Your Use

How can you use the power of the sun to create energy that you can use in your home or for your business? The secret is in the cells that are used to capture the energy of the sun and in the system used to convert this to usable energy. To help you understand just how solar energy works, let us begin by first understanding how solar panels work.

Solar panels are those rectangular sheets that you see on roofs of homes that have started using solar energy for their electricity needs. Energy is produced in these panels when photons, otherwise known as particles of light, knock electrons loose from atoms. This movement generates a flow of electricity.

For solar panels to generate enough electricity to power your entire home or business, you will need multiple panels in what is called a solar array. The more panels in your array, the more energy can be generated. All of these panels are wired together so that they can all work together to provide you with clean, safe, environmentally friendly solar energy.

Converting from DC to AC Energy

The electricity that a solar panel generates, however, is DC energy. This must be converted to AC energy so that it can be used by your home or business. To do this, an inverter is used. The inverter is connected to your circuit board, which is then made available to your outlets and other electrical needs.

If you require more energy than your solar array can provide, still being connected to the grid can help. You will greatly reduce your energy bills with the help of solar power since you can toggle between these two sources when the need arises. If you don’t use a lot of energy and you have surplus solar power, this can be distributed to others via the grid. With the use of a special meter, you can even make money from this kind of setup.

Convert Your Home or Business to Solar Power Today

If you find that converting to solar energy is appealing, you should consider converting to it right away. There are a lot of benefits to be had with going solar for your home or business energy needs. In Houston, DFW, San Antonio and Austin, TX, the company to contact for your solar conversion needs is ZOI Solar. With years of experience in the field of solar energy, we are the company that can take you from the present to the future of energy use.

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