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Fort Worth, TX
August 15, 2018

Titus, home-owner in Fort Worth, Texas, had a 6.93kW-size solar panel system installed early August 2018 to offset 97% of his families’ energy costs. Given the steep angle of his roof, this job proved to be an exciting challenge for our in-house installers who had to attach safety harnesses to themselves and essentially spelunk the roof to get the panels installed – but the job was completed in under two days, and the panel design look great!

Fort Worth, TX
August 1, 2018

Kristy, home-owner in Fort Worth, Texas, had a 11.03 kW-size solar panel system – slightly larger than our average system size, but nothing we can’t handle – which was installed at the beginning of August 2018, and provided a utility bill offset of 96%!

Fort Worth, TX
June 15, 2018

Nicole,home-owner in Austin, TX, had an 11.84kW-size solar panel system installed mid-June (2018), and given the size of the roof and system, we were able to provide her family with 100% offset for her utility bill!

Austin, TX
June 15, 2018

Jennifer, home-owner in Austin, Texas, had a 5.12kW-size solar panel system installed at the beginning of July 2018 to offset 99% of her electricity costs! The offset of her energy bill, plus the energy-efficiency items installed – LED lights, Nest thermostat, and Sense monitor – should allow her family to monitor their solar panel system regularly and reduce their overall energy consumption, while minimizing the total cost, giving her the best possible energy solution available on the market today.

Cezar Chavez II
Coachella, CA
July 17, 2017

358.5 kW-DC Parking Canopy and Roof Mount Solar Arrays We installed a parking lot awning array for client

Chuls Vista, CA
December 22, 2016

Project Layout This is a preliminary layout; final design will require on-site measurements and verificaPon of shading roof obstrucPons. System Specifications Cost: $37,500Size: 15.0 kW DC Racking: Ballast Roof Mount Inverters: String Scope: Turnkey install with Tom Watson Energy Division handling engineering, procurement, and construcPon (EPC)

Organics Unlimited
San Diego, CA
November 2, 2016

We installed a 124 kW solar system for this client. System Specifications Cost: $306,900Size: 124.0 kW DC Racking: Ballast Roof Mount Inverters: String Scope: Turnkey install with Tom Watson Energy Division handling engineering, procurement, and construcPon (EPC)

Brandt Co
Calipatria, CA
July 25, 2016

System Specifications Project cost $2,442,000 Size 1030 KW DC Racking Fixed Ground Mount

San Antonio, TX
May 24, 2016

Project Layout This is a preliminary layout; final design will require on-site measurements and verificaNon of shading roof obstrucNons. System Specifications Size: 61.4 kW DC Racking: Roof Mount Inverters: String Scope: Turnkey install with Tom Watson Energy Division handling engineering, procurement, and construcNon (EPC) 5/24/16 VILORE FOODS Co Inc. 61.4 kW DC Roof Mount Solar Array – with Post NEM Project Address 2421 Vilore Way Imperial CA 92251

Zadeh MD
Imperial, CA
April 28, 2016

We installed 29.1kW solar panels for their business. Project will install a 29.1 kW-DC solar array on a proposed parking lot shade structure. Project will offset48,625 kWh/yr of electricity from the local utility, offsetting 24,142 lbs CO2e/yr. Electricity will be used to existing facility operations at the Applicant's existing business, and will offset indirect water consumption and airemissions through reduced fossil power generation. The project will install 91 Canadian Solar CS6X-320P solarmodules with 2 Solectra PVI 13kW-208 inverters Project has been designed and engineered specifically for the project site and its demand conditions, per the CA Building Code, the National Electric Code, and local/industry design standardsfor safety and performance. The project will conform to all permitting requirements and standards,including a county building permit and IID Specs. Automated monitoring will document system performance over its lifetime. All proposed equipment is commercially available and ready fordelivery

Bornt Com
Holtville, CA
October 13, 2015

41.6 & 36.5 kW Ground Mount Shade Canopy

Blackman Plumbing 28.4
El Centro, CA
September 21, 2015

28.4&kW Rooftop Solar array

Rodahl Construction 20…
Holtville, CA
August 20, 2015

12.1 kW rooftop Array Flush Roof Mount 98% offset

Dunham 325kW
San Diego, CA
June 24, 2015

Project DescriptionTotal Capacity:325.5 kWConfiguration:Carport/Canopy Scope of Work: The proposal is for a turnkey installation, with Microgrid handling design, procurement, and construction.

Birch Street
Calexico, CA
January 20, 2015


3 MW Solar for Nonprofits Program

3 MW Solar for Nonprofits Program. Over 70 installations in a 12-month period offered in partnership with US Bank.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

510 kW solar PV array, roof and parking canopy 5 vertical axis turbines

Nestle Purina Headquarters
Saint Louis, MO

Nestle Purina Headquarters. Ballasted rooftop array on new construction facility on corporate campus

Clayton School District
Saint Louis, MO

Clayton School District. 12 school buildings received solar arrays, along with an interactive solar display in each building

Koos Manufacturning / Adriano Goldschmied Jeans
Los Angeles, CA

Koos Manufacturing / Adriano Goldschmied Jeans. 1 MW ballasted rooftop array and solar carport

St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium
Saint Louis, MO

St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium contacted us to install solar panels for their stadium. It was added in several locations: - Rooftop flush & concession canopy - A public display with solar awning

US Bank Portfolio

US Bank Portfolio. 12 retail locations received arrays. Single monitoring platform for viewing energy production data across the portfolio

City of Chicago
Chicago, IL

The city of Chicago selected solar contractor for Solar Chicago Program. Part of the Green Power Community Challenge. Chosen solar partner for large utility on 3 successful community clean energy campaigns.

St. Louis Science Center
Saint Louis, MO

St. Louis Science Center. Two rooftop arrays, with viewing area and educational displays indoors. Solar powered electric truck with travelling educational displays. Solar sunflowers project.

Design-Construction Management Model
Saint Louis, MO

Design-Construction Management Model. In-house engineering, energy modeling. Energy management of Busch Stadium for 4 years, saving the Cardinals over $3M during that period. Ability to offer performance guarantees.

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