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Comment My husband and I were looking for solar (for environmental reasons) and comparing quotes between 3 different companies in DFW. In the end, we decided on ZOI. Trevor was very professional, prompt, and did an exceptional job explaining all the benefits of solar and what made his company different. After reviewing the spec sheets (husband is an electrical engineer) of ZOI's panels and equipment, and comparing the cost vs other companies, we made the decision to go with them, despite one other quote being a bit cheaper. On top of the panels we are receiving LEDs for the home, a Nest, and something we can view the electricity consumption of our home and the solar production. Husband thought that was the neatest thing. Average bill with TXU before was more than $150. The proposal shows that we will be reducing our bill over 95%!!! Husband even calculated that to be a conservative estimate. Even though we did this for the environment, the best part is that the SYSTEM IS CHEAPER than what we are currently paying with TXU, and we will own it outright in about 13 years. It’s been 1.5 weeks since we made the decision and our panels are scheduled be installed next week. We could not be more excited! No more electricity bills!! I’ve already referred ZOI to my friends and family.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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