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Residential Solar Installation & Smart Home Systems in DFW, Austin, San Antonio, & Houston


Solar Panels

At ZOI Solar, we help homeowners improve their lives and lower their utility bills with renewable solar power. First and foremost, we are a global leader in creating custom solar systems for residential customers. We work with top manufacturers and offer an industry-leading factory warranty of 25 + years for our solar panels.

Smart Home Technology

We also offer residential services to homeowners looking to make their homes more efficient. Our solar monitoring services, combined with smart home technology, provide the convenience of controlling and overseeing the devices in your home while being able to pinpoint where the energy use is going. Creating your own electricity from an efficient solar energy system will save you thousands of dollars in utility costs over time.

Solar energy works best when combined with smart technology that allows you to sync multiple appliances and devices throughout your home to your electronic devices with an internet connection. With a Wi-Fi connection, you can seamlessly connect to each device from your smartphone and can control the settings from virtually anywhere in the world!

Make Your Home Smarter & More Efficient with ZOI Solar

At ZOI Solar, we want to help homeowners in the Greater Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Austin, TX areas make their home more efficient while also increasing their energy savings. Whether you want to set up an Alexa device or you want to install an entire smart home system or solar energy system, contact ZOI Solar at 855-283-9795.

Ask Us About Solar Cost Saving Options

We provide assistance to help you take advantage of state & federal programs to help you save money on your solar installation.

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