Alexa Installation in DFW, Austin & San Antonio, TX

Alexa Installation in DFW, Austin, San Antonio & Houston

At ZOI Solar, we help homeowners create a more efficient home with smart home systems that give you an easier way to control the devices in your home. The Amazon Echo, also known as Alexa, for instance, is one of the latest technologies that works as a home automation system and allows you to control different smart home devices just from the sound of your voice.

Alexa Capabilities

Your Amazon Echo, Alexa assistant can connect to a multitude of smart home systems so you can control different settings throughout your home. Some of the most common home automation and smart home systems that people use with Alexa include:

  • Smart Thermostats
  • LED Light bulbs and WiFi lighting
  • Video Monitoring
  • WiFi Outlets and Plugs
  • Door Bells and Locks
  • Sprinkler Control
  • Robot Vacuums
  • And so much more!

The Amazon Echo is considered a virtual assistant and smart speaker system that connects to a voice-controlled personal assistant that responds by the name Alexa. Once you're connected, you can give Alexa demands to control other smart devices in your home. For example, if you have a smart thermostat installed and you want to turn on the AC, all you have to do is say, "Alexa turn on the AC" to whatever temperature you want.

Installing Alexa for Home Automation

Every home is different and every homeowner has different needs. The ZOI team can help you select and install the smart home devices of your choosing then do the programming to make them work seamlessly.  We can do a full training so you'll achieve the full benefit of your smart home product integration features.

Whether you want to listen to music, create a to-do list, order groceries, set an alarm, check the weather or listen to real-time information like what's going on in the news or sports, Alexa can give you all the information you need and respond to your demands instantly once we've integrated it into your home.

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At ZOI Solar, we will work with you to understand your needs and how you want to enhance your home so we can create a customized plan for residential and home automation services that fit your lifestyle. Contact us at 844-527-3383 to learn more about Alexa or our other smart home systems for residential properties in Greater Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Fort Worth, TX areas.

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