Comparing Amazon Alexa vs. Google Home Assistance

Comparing Amazon Alexa vs. Google Home Assistance

When you want to set up home automation and smart devices in your home but you're not sure how to start, Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistants may be just what you're looking for. These devices are so much more than just smart speakers and will give you an introduction to home automation.

While both devices are considered smart speakers, they both work as virtual assistants allowing you to ask questions and give demands, giving you the ability to control various other smart devices throughout your home, and they're both incredibly efficient.

Amazon Alexa or Google Home?

Although both smart speakers act as an introductory to home automation, they each have distinct features that the other doesn't. For instance, the Google Home allows you to upload your own music to the cloud, while Alexa is compatible with more smart home devices than the Google Home.

Which Sounds Better?

If you want better sound quality - you will probably be more interested in the Google Home, except Alexa is more available on third-party speakers and can connect to more powerful speaker systems.

While the Amazon Alexa is louder than The Google Home, it doesn't have as much of a well-rounded, richer sound like Google Home. Both devices support a variety of radio and music channels but the biggest difference between the two is based on your music listening preference. If you prefer Amazon Music, Alexa is your only option, but if you prefer your own personal music collection or Youtube Red, Google Home is the answer. The two devices and channels will not work for the other device because of an ongoing Amazon and Google power struggle.

Smart Home Integration

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The Amazon Alexa and Google Home both support a variety of brands but there are a few brands that will only work with one device or the other. For instance, Blink, Carrier, and Haiku will only work with Alexa, while Chromecast will only work with the Google Home.

Both devices work well with smart home automation as you can combine your devices and learn routines. This way you can say "turn on the entryway lights," from the device in your bedroom when you don't want to get out of bed at night. Both systems can also learn and support routines, allowing you to combine multiple demands at once.

Watching TV

If you like to watch TV shows, this may be your biggest decision maker in the Amazon Alexa/Google Home debate. Even though both devices connect to your television and streaming sticks, they each have their own content advantage.

If you have a Chromecast or Fire TV Stick, you can watch Hulu. But if you watch a lot of YouTube, your only choice is to integrate your TV with the Google Home because of restrictions.

WiFi and Skills

Both Amazon Alexa and Google Home seamlessly connect to internet but studies have shown that Alexa has a stronger connectivity and could be used in areas where Google Home had trouble. Both systems also have learned skills such as letting you request an Uber or ordering pizza, but Alexa has more skills and can answer to more demands than the Google Home.

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