ZOI Solar Services in Dallas Texas

Solar Panel Installation for Homes and Businesses in Dallas, TX

ZOI Solar is your local solar company serving homes and businesses in Greater Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas. We offer the most reliable renewable energy products available that will actually increase your savings and help you save money on your utility bills.

At ZOI Solar, our philosophy is centered around the idea that we give people back the power and create a brighter future with our expert solar installations. Not only does this idea save you money, but it also contributes to a cleaner, environmentally-friendly energy alternative that enhances both the energy efficiency and savings for your property.

However, we are more than just a typical solar panel company. We understand that solar technology is changing the modern world for the better and we are firm believers that this will drive a cleaner and greener environment for everyone. Whether you need residential solar or commercial solar options or solar manufacturing, ZOI Solar is the company to contact for all of your solar needs.

Residential Solar Panel Options

Whether you want to install solar panels on your home or make your home a smart home, we offer a variety of solar options for residential homes in Dallas including:

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Commercial Solar Panel Options

If you're interested in making your business or commercial property more energy efficient with solar technology, we can help with that too with our solar ground mount, roof mount, or solar parking options. We have had years of success saving businesses money and installing solar panels on commercial properties such as retail stores, hotels, airports, hospitals, restaurants, baseball stadiums, schools and colleges, and so many others.

Solar Manufacturing

In addition to residential solar systems and commercial solar installations, we also offer custom solar manufacturing and solar financing in Dallas. In fact, ZOI Solar is recognized globally for our solar panels that are distributed in 19 different countries. Whether you need standards solar systems, BIPV solar modules, rail-integrated solar modules or AC module integrations, we can help. We have successfully installed custom solar designs for many companies over the years.

Create a Cleaner & Brighter Future with ZOI Solar

When you want to take your power back and lower monthly electricity bills with new solar installations, ZOI Solar is the only name to trust. Our solar solutions offer you an integrated approach to your energy needs and we strive to increase the efficiency of every solar installation by combining our solar technology with various innovative and modern technologies to give you the most energy efficient and energy renewable infrastructure possible.

Take the steps to start building a brighter future today with ZOI Solar. Contact us today at 844-527-3383 to learn more about our affordable solar options for homes and businesses in Dallas, TX.

Solar Awards & Affiliations

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