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At ZOI Solar, we are your local utility alternative. We specialize in renewable energy products for your home or business so you no longer have to be tied down by utility monopolies for your electricity. At ZOI Solar we give you the option to take your power back and lower your monthly electricity costs while playing a part in creating a brighter cleaner future all while contributing to the local economy and supporting American made products.

In addition to residential solar systems and commercial solar installations, we also offer solar financing and solar manufacturing.

Make Your Home More Efficient with ZOI Solar Panels

We aim to make your home more efficient in every way possible so we also offer home automation systems such as:

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At ZOI Solar, we are proud to partner with you. Working together to give the best solar power. Contact us at 844-527-3383 and let us show you how you can start saving thousands of dollars by producing your own electricity.

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    Customer Reviews from Fort Worth
    Phillis N. from Fort Worth, TX
    5 Stars
    Reviewed on Review Central
    Oct 30th, 2018
    ZOI did a wonderful job installing my panels. Had a great experience with the install crew and my sales rep, Trevor. Any questions I had he always picked up the phone and helped me out.
    Completed Jobs from Fort Worth
    solar panel system Titus
    August 15, 2018
    Titus, home-owner in Fort Worth, Texas, had a 6.93kW-size solar panel system installed early August 2018 to offset 97% of his families’ energy costs. Given the steep angle of his roof, this job proved to be an exciting challenge for our in-house installers who had to attach safety harnesses to themselves and essentially spelunk the roof to get the panels installed – but the job was completed in under two days, and the panel design look great!
    solor panel system Nicole
    June 15, 2018
    Nicole,home-owner in Austin, TX, had an 11.84kW-size solar panel system installed mid-June (2018), and given the size of the roof and system, we were able to provide her family with 100% offset for her utility bill!
    Kristy Solar Panel System Kristy
    August 1, 2018
    Kristy, home-owner in Fort Worth, Texas, had a 11.03 kW-size solar panel system – slightly larger than our average system size, but nothing we can’t handle – which was installed at the beginning of August 2018, and provided a utility bill offset of 96%!
    Estimate Requests from Fort Worth
    Titus R. on November 5, 2018 6:51:12pm
    Titus Ross
    Titus R. on November 5, 2018 6:48:36pm
    ZOI did an excellent job

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