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Residential and Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Houston, TX

At ZOI Solar, we are Houston's leading solar company offering homes and business the best solar panels and solar energy solutions available. Our solar power systems are designed specifically for your home or building to make your property more energy efficient and cost-effective. Solar panels help lower your utility bills so you can spend your money on more important things.

Whether you need a new solar installation, solar monitoring, or even financing options, ZOI Solar has the best renewable energy products and solar options for everyone. We will even guide you through state and federal programs so you can maximize your savings and solar benefits.

Solar Energy Solutions

At ZOI Solar, we fully believe that modern solar technology gives us a cleaner more energy efficient world. This is why we always recommend combining smart technology with our solar designs to give you full control of your energy use. Not only will you be saving money on utilities with your new solar panel installation, but you will also receive numerous advantages with solar and energy monitoring.

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Our innovative solar monitoring devices allow you to easily see where the most energy use is going and gives you the option of controlling these devices from virtually anywhere. Not only do solar monitoring devices give you valuable information about where your energy is being used, but this also allows you to make changes to your routine that may help you cut back on your energy usage. Either way, you will finally be able to make the changes you deserve for a better, more efficient home.

Create a Brighter Future with Solar Panel Installations from ZOI Solar

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or project manager in Houston, Texas, we can design a custom solar system for your home or infrastructure. Contact us today at 855-283-9795 to find out about your solar energy options with ZOI Solar.

Estimate Requests from Houston
Collins D. on August 7, 2018 12:15:32am
Dear Sir / Madam, How is work today ? Kindly advise if you have below item in stock 1. 275 W solar panel. 2. Deep cycle battries..12volt 100 amps OR 200 ampshr. It will be an honor to read from you soonest . Best Regard, Collins PROJECT MANAGER.

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