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At ZOI Solar, we are your local utility alternative. We specialize in renewable energy products for your home or business so you no longer have to be tied down by utility monopolies for your electricity. At ZOI Solar we give you the option to take your power back and lower your monthly electricity costs while playing a part in creating a brighter cleaner future all while contributing to the local economy and supporting American made products.

In addition to residential solar systems and commercial solar installations, we also offer solar financing and solar manufacturing.

Make Your Home More Efficient with ZOI Solar Panels

We aim to make your home more efficient in every way possible so we also offer home automation systems such as:

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At ZOI Solar, we are proud to partner with you. Working together to give the best solar power. Contact us at 844-527-3383 and let us show you how you can start saving thousands of dollars by producing your own electricity.

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Completed Jobs from San Antonio
pEi1pnUQ.jpeg Vilore
May 24, 2016
Project Layout This is a preliminary layout; final design will require on-site measurements and verificaNon of shading roof obstrucNons. System Specifications Size: 61.4 kW DC Racking: Roof Mount Inverters: String Scope: Turnkey install with Tom Watson Energy Division handling engineering, procurement, and construcNon (EPC) 5/24/16 VILORE FOODS Co Inc. 61.4 kW DC Roof Mount Solar Array – with Post NEM Project Address 2421 Vilore Way Imperial CA 92251

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