PV Modules Manufacturing in DFW, Austin & San Antonio

PV Modules Manufacturing in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin & San Antonio

ZOI Solar is an integrated solar photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturer and solar EPC contractor.

Just one decade after being established in 2008, ZOI Solar has grown into a globally recognized American Original Equipment Manufacturer for solar panels with a strong R&D investment. The ZOI focus is to produce high-quality products for Tier 1 companies.

Our PV modules (5W to 385W) offer maximum quality, efficiency and reliability. They are produced in accordance with the most demanding UL quality standards and our glass-glass integration PV modules can be used in both new and existing buildings. 

Using state-of-the-art machinery, ZOI produces a wide range of highly efficient and reliable mono- and polycrystalline silicon modules. During the production process, Electroluminescence Testing (EL testing) is used at least twice. 

Our solar panels come with a 25 year Manufacturers Warranty and a 10-year workmanship guarantee on materials. We guarantee a 90 % minimum output for 12 years and 80 % for 30 years.

What ZOI Offers to Customers 

At ZOI Solar, our purpose is to be a world-class professional provider of fully integrated solar energy solutions. That includes our PV modules. To benefit our customers, we offer:

  • Standard solar modules up to 385W
  • OEM/Private labeling
  • BIPV solar modules
  • Rail-integrated solar modules
  • AC module integration
  • Assembly and packaging services

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With our robotic assembly lines in multiple locations, we are well-positioned to produce mono-silicon modules. 

Advantages of our PV Modules

Our PV modules provide a wide range of attractive and functional BIPV solutions for your building that can be incorporated into multiple types of architecture. When your choose ZOI for your PV modules, your list of advantages include:

  • Thermal and acoustic isolation
  • Integration with other aesthetic construction elements
  • Available in BIPV c-Si and BIPV Clear

Trust ZOI Solar and our PV Modules to Create Your Solar Energy Solution

At ZOI Solar, we have been manufacturing top-quality solar solutions for global clients for more than a decade. That includes our integrated solar photovoltaic (PV) modules. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 844-527-3383.

Solar Awards & Affiliations

  • ZOI Solar Edge
  • ZOI Auxin Solar
  • ZOI Q-Cells
  • ZOI Sunnova